Aweber Service Went Downhill

I for one have had my Aweber account for some time now and really did not have that many problems until some updates just last fall. Others have had issues that stemmed from supposed upgrades but for the most part all was going fairly well. I went into my account the other day and tried to do some normal tasks and even backup my lists, none of the buttons worked.

Video Vantage Gives You The YouTube Advantage

Software is a time saver, we get that. If you spend all your spare time building and ranking videos on YouTube then you realize what kind of time we are talking about here. Currently there are ways to rank videos and do it the old way, like spamming the crap out of links and doing things you cannot do to your blog or website. Nope, if you spam you get

Backlink Commando Launches

Backlink Commando Replaces Backlink Booster I own the old backlink booster program along with the little browser bookmarklet from a couple years ago, I have been waiting for this new updated version to launch for a long time.   Backlink Commando Replacement Here If you were like me and using the older BLB or Backlink Booster then you knew how good it was. I used it on my articles out

Wall Of Bikers Protect Mourners At funeral of Newtown, Conn.

Bikers Shield The Family If you have ever seen people come together at a time like this and do what is right without being asked or rewarded, then you just did. These fellow brothers and sisters followed their conscience and came together to stop what they saw as a wrongful display  at the funerals of the fallen at Newtown, Conn. If you look at the photos you will see a

Adsense Firestorm Bonuses

Hey All, Adsense Firestorm Is Launching December 18th at 12 PM EST   I wanted to let people know about what was coming and tell you a bit about the plugin and what it will do to help you. I know the man who is making the plugin, Sean Donahoe. He has done a good job selecting credible plugin developers to make the plugin work correctly. I have a copy