Does Your Website Or Video Offend Google Or Youtube?

I recently heard about the blacklisting of a website that I happen to read, and I was a bit shocked but not totally surprised that they had been blacklisted by Google. The reason they said was some redirect to a sub domain or something like that. Turns out this was incorrect and there was no recourse for the website to fight it.

I have seen a fall in one other of my main blogs and my nine (9) year old Youtube channel for what seems to be the same type of thing. I may not be totally gone from the search engines but I have seen a major fall in subscriptions and views. I have a suspicion that some Leftist employee has flagged it but the penalty is not visible inside of GWT or Google webmaster tools. I do not come right out and write about it mostly, or at least until now.

There is a new administration and what seems to me to be an explosion of heads lashing out their frustration in their total loss on all fronts. The people have spoken and we are tired of the crap.

Youtube can now read your voice and provide a transcript of your video, in other words they can see what you speak in real time. I wonder how much of that text is used to determine any content for review?

Natural News Wins It’s Fight

Moving forward we see the fight that Natural News has had with Google and the fact that they fought the law and won.
Google censorship of Natural News: Statement from the Health Ranger

I agree to a point that there should be some oversight in how policy is handled on a broad spectrum, but Google is a company for profit, theirs…not yours. It seems to many times that these Leftists have totally infiltrated all aspects of any online company and are quick to push down any and all voices that do not support their agendas.

Active Censorship

I have been careful in the past and not got carried away with rhetoric about any particular politician or company, at least until now. I have seen for years the censorship from Yahoo! and Google, along with Facebook for anyone who happened to be conservative. Active censorship in real time via comments that are moderated on online meetings etc. This should not be tolerated at any time.

I do hope you will speak out on any forum you see where there is this type of activity. It is about as wrong as it can get on all levels. You can help by signing the petition for Google to be held accountable for banning free speech.

Visit And Sign The petition Now

My Wikilink Jacker Review

I was lucky enough to have received a JV copy of this wikilink jacker software ahead of time and I am glad that I found it. We have all heard and seen with our own eyes the extraordinary claims made by some one-click software producers and how it will ” save your blog” from being lost on page 140 of the search results. This wikilink jacker is an Adobe Air built program, this means that no matter in you have Windows or Mac that it will work on your system.

wikilink jacker1

wikilink jacker2

I thank Lisa Allen for allowing me to have a copy and it is one that I find easy to use, and produce results. There is no reason to lose out on high trust factor websites any longer. You can create links that the moderators will welcome on the page as it fixes broken links on any given Wiki page.

The power of this method utilizes the trust flow that Wikipedia commands. You may use this method on pretty much any of your PBN’s or private blog network sites or even your main money sites. This safe to use when you follow the directions given in the video tutorials. Videos are accessible inside the software itself for easy reference as seen below.

wikilink jacker3

Some of the main features are listed here:

  • Build AMAZING Authority Backlinks in Minutes
  • Easily leverage the power of ‘Expired Content” to create high quality Wikipedia linkable content in minutes
  • Gain trust and niche authority rapidly
  • Easily rank for dozens of long tail terms
  • Use your increased site authority to rank for more competitive keywords

Looking at how all the features worked for me without issue I am sure you will find this easy to create authority, trust flow rich back links. Used in the correct manner this will give your website a shot in the arm and it will be evergreen. Following the suggested methods of replacing broken Wiki Links with unique and informative content, the admins at Wikipedia will thank you for taking the time to provide for them a service of repairing the various Wikis. This makes you appear in good favor and it will reward you in kind.

wikilink jacker4

Managing accounts is easy inside the software. Creating campaigns is also easy and gives you a place to store all your searches that you have completed so you may return at a later date if you want to expand your back links from Wikipedia.

wikilink jacker5

Spin Rewriter is built in so you can use a respected spinning tool within this application. If you want to save time then it would be imperative that you invest in this companion tool to make your life easier.

I only ever try to talk about tools that have actual value. This one of those times. I myself have gone back to my roots of SEO and building my blog back link profile. No mass spam software like a lot of us have tried in the past. This is whitehat and the best way to gather trust flow links pointing back to your website. I have not seen anything quite like this and that is why I am excited to talk about it. I do hope you will have a look at Wikilink Jacker and tell me how it works for you. I think you will be glad you took the time to review this.

Edit* I was finally able to get the bonuses to upload and stay for all the buyers. Here is a list of what extras you get:

Bonus #1 – EZ SEO WP Plugin

This simple wordpress plugin automates the SEO work on your wordpress blog.

Bonus #2 – Make Money with Your WordPress Blogs

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Bonus #4 – Domain Cash Secrets

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Bonus #5 – Testing & Tracking Report

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Bonus #6 – Simple Social Expandable Plugin

This WordPress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!


Log into your jvzoo account to receive the bonus programs. You should be able to see them now as this was all fixed today. The list above is in one zip file and you should be able to download them from the purchase window.

Terrorist Blown Up By Own RPG

OK…this is obviously very graphic so the proper warning is given but I really had to share this as it goes to show you that when cleaning your weapon you better know what the hell you are doing.


This is a glimpse inside the world of what a terrorist does and how they think. You can hear them praising their god just before pulling the trigger. The results were not typical and you may either cheer or boo at the final scenes..

Our soldiers overseas faced these very kinds of people on a regular basis. I hope folks who support our troops have a cheer and know somebody gets his virgins…LOL.

Is Google Evil Banning Adsense Publishers?

If you have ever used the adsense publisher platform for making some extra cash like me, then you most likely have heard of horror stories about people getting banned right at the moment when they were due to be paid. I have seen this myself and know personally two people that lost their accounts right when the earnings were ramping up.

Here is one story that seems to shed some light on the dark side of Google:

I have seen clicks evaporate, stats for my adsense back office not jive with my multiple reporting methods. It was suspicious at best and I always wondered if I was being skimmed. I still earn daily with adsense but it has been a rocky ride. Makes a person wonder about all those stories and complaints in the Google forums. A lot of people game the system, but there are folks who do make some good cash with it like I have. If you take time to read the story it may alleviate your worst fears, or at least confirm that you were not crazy or just a conspiracy theorist.

I also have a post from another person that is fairly long but well worth reading.

Josh Bachynski wrote this very long article about a meeting he had with Matt Cutts…

It has been confirmed by Matt himself that this meeting did take place. I relate Matt with the white house press secretary, both being able to stand up in front of the world and tell fibs as a front man for a very large corporate interest or government. To me,they seem to have only self interest in mind when they spew the cover stories to protect their own.

Google has purposefully set out to hurt individuals while reaping the harvest for their own bottom line. Collateral damage is just part of the scenery it seems, you got hurt while they destroy the spammers. Do they really care your life’s work in a blog got dropped down the index 40 pages? I think not, they really only care about targeting the competition. More money for them and to hell with you. And they wonder why Black Hat SEO still works and people are tired of trying the white hat crap.

Go Social They Said

If you remember Google Friend Select and had built this up over time then you know what I am talking about. They had this going and people used it, then they dropped the program without a replacement. I still wonder why we even bother sometimes trying to do what they ask. It is only one SEO signal but I had real people not fake following my blog, not any more from that program at least.

You can see why so many people over the past couple years have inundated the forum with complaints while the Google fanboys and rats laugh and ridicule. They have rats in all parts of life, but it seems in the second linked story you can see a reference of people ratting to Matt about a certain website and crying like little babies to get a cookie from Matt and be seen in good favor.

That is my soapbox for today, you can see that these stories just solidified my suspicions about a once well liked funny named search engine called Google. Most folks have a very negative view on this search engine now, and they deserve all the vitriol as they created it.


Give Thanks For Your Health-Some Folks Tonight Have None

Today you should give thanks and maybe say a prayer for the folks who lost their lives in this latest tornado outbreak. I for one am thankful as I had driven I-40 today and passed right by where these hit in Arkansas and wiped out a lot of homes and a few lives. Tornados hit several states and took lives as they tore up homes and made a general mess of things.