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Traffic Generation Cafe – A Blog To Put On Your Must Read List

One of the finest up and coming blogs I have seen in a long time is Ana’s blog over at Traffic Generation Cafe . If you want to learn about getting a good amount of traffic and improving your Alexa score or rank, this would be one of the places to watch. Ana takes a more personal approach to relating to her visitors than most blogs out there. I was pleasantly surprised when I commented there and was answered in the same day. Very uncommon indeed. Ana takes personal pride in working direct with her readership, and it shows.

Her design and header layout is riveting. I commented to her about the header photo angle and how it instantly engages the reader as they land on her blog, absolutely brilliant Ana! Your site makes mine look like a very generic and bland website. I will have to work long hours to improve and catch up. Traffic generation cafe is a well designed website, and a model for lot’s of people to follow.

Commentluv Enabled Blog

I have this plugin on my blog and Ana does too. There is a list available for you to go and get added to her commentluv blog list if you have a pr 2 and above. Bear in mind she does this as a service and she adds your name personally, so be patient and make your application on the page and wait. While you are waiting, you can comment or participate on other posts and use your commentluv status to build a link. Commenting on her blog should be something that adds value and not just for some link juice. She moderates the blog herself, so if you are spammy, she may give you the ban hammer. I am only guessing here.

One Of The Few-The Proud-The Bloggers Who Make Money Online

Ana has done well for somebody who only started just a while back blogging. She is actually making money online unlike so many who talk about it and never make much on a regular basis. Traffic generation cafe is a hit. She can proudly say that she has arrived, and is not going away any time soon. Her blog does provide a very refreshing view and perspective on how she sees things and interacts with her readers. She gives real time tips for her success and yes, even when she has hit road blocks and had a setback. Like when her twitter account got the ban hammer. She warns others and gives advice on how to avoid the very same pitfalls she has experienced so others will not run afoul of ever changing TOS for these various social media accounts.

Traffic Generation Cafe is a place I suggest to visit. I sure do like the tips and advice she gives, and the interaction with us, the readers.

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