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Last year I was struggling to make ends meet, I had been working on my blog network and trying to get just one or two of them to rank and bring in some extra cash. I had worked on them in static html form and was not satisfied at all. The website building software I was using was just not cutting the mustard, it sucked badly and there had to be some changes made and quick. I had found out about wordpress from a person I met online and  bought their e-book. Included was a wordpress install as long as you purchased hosting from them. The person was Holly Mann and her honest riches e-book has done very well and I thank her for giving me the kick needed to make it like I have in blogging. I just wanted to give that credit where it is due.

Enter WordPress Stage Right

blue wordpress logo

Fast forward to January of 2010. I had converted all of my main sites to wordpress by taking all of my content and copy/pasting it into notepad from the old static html sites. I know, it’s a funny way to do it, but I did not know any other way. So, with this chore completed I started my study on wordpress blogging methods and how and what plugins to use. I experimented with many, and nothing really happened as fast as I wanted it to. I tried article marketing, press releases, and a lot of other methods, but I was just not gaining any real traction quickly. I was totally lost. The methods I was using was not going as quickly as I thought they should.

I kept the page hierarchy and reset them all in order the way they were in the static sites. I have seen a major increase in visitors from that time. My stats were terrible back then, but as time went on and I had added different plugins and other changes to my template core, something cool happened.

I had added some changes that were suggested by Sean in his training course Firestorm SEO. Going through each video several times and reading the instructions for adding the changes took me time. A lot more than most people. The changes seemed to take ok and no errors were noted. The final thing to add was editing the footer.php file to add something really cool. The viral part of Firestorm.

So, what happened? I had been getting a small amount of traffic stats and had not really been watching that closely. I woke up one day to see both my adsense account and my traffic from my stats page go up. I was not really sure why, I was seeing something new to me. Actual traffic! The where’s and why’s started flowing. What had I done that was so different from all the other stuff?

Instead of throwing one spaghetti noodle at the wall to see if it stuck, I had thrown the whole bowl. I had to find out what had worked and why so I could repeat the process or as the old saying goes in internet marketing, “Wash-Rinse-Repeat”. I went over my other blogs in my small network and made the same changes. It took many weeks for some of these things to really take hold, but the traffic was climbing. I had been watching my stats since January when I first started my promotion techniques, but the firestorm changes were not done until June of the same year. I had only “just found” Sean Donahoe and so far, all of his stuff was working for me. I was ecstatic to say the least. I like so many others had waded through the pile of horse dung on the internet and finally found a diamond hidden in the pile.

 Will Your Hosting Plan Stand Up To The Pressure?

After a few months of watching my stats and my income grow. I was noticing some site loading problems. I was not sure what it was and tried to get support at my hosting company to explain it to me so I understood what was going on. They were not able to really figure out why my site loaded slow except for inodes usage. That is a term you will hear on shared hosting accounts if you go over the limits they set. Don’t believe them when they say your hosting is unlimited, that is not true at all. You will have server resource limits set so all of the sites on that box will function and serve the visitors.

Needless to say, but after a few months of upgrading at my current host. I had to find a new home. I had outgrown the levels of server packages at Bluehost, and was forced to find a higher level of server boxes. They did a pretty good job considering in the support section there, but I was at the top with no room to grow. If you use Firestorm SEO or any of Sean’s other products for viral traffic, you will need a growth plan.

I ended up shooting for business plan at hostgator. I was not in that level long either, I had to go to a VPS server. I would say during this growth period I was doubling or very close to it, my traffic every month.

My next server level was vps level 3. I was looking at yet another server move and if my blogs files were corrupted, I would be in major trouble. (My blogs were so huge, file moves had become a manual process only). I gave it some thought on that day and asked for advice from a server tech, they said go to level 5 right away or you may be in hot water.

This server level lasted about 60 days or so, I was going along pretty well and then one day my cpanel would not load. I asked for confirmation from support and guessed it. I had killed a level 5 vps. I had to get this under control and right now. I ordered via email my upgrade to level 7.

I was really killing it for traffic, but it all could go away quickly if I was not vigilant with my server and watching it multiple times daily. My impressions had hit 2,125,000 for the past month, it was going the way I wanted it to.

Level 9 VPS

I had been doing well on the older level 7 vps for awhile and not really seeing any issues. I had been watching and my friend Sean was also watching it from his monitoring software on occasion to make sure all was well. I had Sean do this because of his server knowledge and the fact that he was able to watch getclicky stats and other server stats in real time as the traffic climbed. And besides, Sean is a good man who I trust completely with my inner workings and access. He also volunteered to do it so he could sit in amazement at the traffic stats popping up a new visitor every 3-4 seconds. It was his work that was doing the server melting, by all means it was cool to have him watch in real time. We had some great phone and skype conversations on this subject.

The level 9 vps lasted for awhile, this was in January of this year, 2011. I was watching it sky rocket in traffic but yet again, there was one day I went to load my cpanel and it just sat there.I wondered to myself, this can’t be, I have one of the best servers out there that is optimized and is using the nginx plugin to offload some of my server load. But yes, it had happened again. I was out of server resources yet again and I had to scramble to figure out what went wrong.

Enter to the stage Hostgator Pro Level Server

I did not know that in just a few short months I would be back in the same place, having to have my blog network packed up and moved to yet another server box. But, it did happen and that’s where I am today. The top of the top servers available to me on this hosting company.

I had reached the pinnacle of server levels and it did not take that long. This was just before the infamous Panda Updates. But, folks still wonder, how did you get there and what blueprint can you show us to get to those server melting heights?

Three top tips I can give for tools you can use to to get exposure and build the level of backlinks like I have now for my main blogs. I am talking in the ballpark of over 37,000 links to my sites each. This is just a general figure, but they have this many and way more. I must also point out how many of these links are from good properties, if you use BLB or Backlink Booster properly, you can expect to build this list steadily over time.

Firestorm SEO

Backlink Booster

Link Magnets

I can say without any doubt that according to my stats on my server and my earnings, they coincide directly with the purchase of these products. I have tax receipts for my income and paypal transactions for the dates just prior to all this server melting. If it was not for Sean Donahoe and his products, I would not have been able to put a new roof on my house this summer, rebuild my old Harley, and generally upgrade my life.

Inner Circle Membership

I belong to the best internet marketing group I have ever heard of. Sean’s inner circle membership is the best thing I have ever seen in what it offers to a member. IMSC or Internet Marketing Success Center puts on Every Friday night and soon to be moved to Wednesday night, we have an Ask Sean session. He goes out of his way to be there live, for just us, and to answer questions we may have with our websites and marketing questions.

I don not know of anyone who offers this kind of value to his people. If I were you I would run as fast as you can and join up, you will not regret it one bit.

Join The Inner Circle!

I do hope you join us in the inner circle, it’s the best thing I have done in my online career. Mind melting session that will blow you away.  We will see you at the ask Sean sessions!

To Your Online Success




Building A Strong Business Foundation

Basics For A Strong Business Foundation

In the construction world, developers know that if they do not build a strong business foundation from the start, that there will be issues down the road. Brick and block masons know that without a strong foundation, the building that rests on it will also be in trouble. The same can be said for building your own websites online. If you choose a poor foundation, then your sites will not last. We have seen this come to pass in the most recent round of Google algorithms or Panda for short. Panda is actually a series of updates that seem to hit weekly. The first major update in February of this year was just the first major shot fired in the war against what Google termed as farmer sites or just plain scraping sites.

There has been a lot of anguish over this internet search change, many have reported that their sites lost 80-95% of their traffic seemingly overnight. We have seen many of the larger internet giants get hit badly, and lose much of their search traffic. When in previous years, they had enjoyed the fire hose of traffic levels.

building a strong business foundation

Internet marketers had once depended on article marketing, this also changed overnight. Much of Ezine Articles traffic was gone, and with it went the traffic for the articles that were published on the sites belonging to thousands of website owners. Many people had spent literally years building this profile of targeted articles to bring fresh visitors to their sites and gain link popularity. This all changed overnight. The strong business foundation that they thought they were building was wiped away in a tsunami of search result changes by now infamous Panda updates.

Incorrect Search Results?

In more recent search attempts, I have tried to find the most common items that I have used in past years on my websites, plugins and other tools of the trade. When I typed in the same keywords that I have used for years, I found to my shock and dismay that all of those were nowhere to be found. I even went 10 pages back, and the pages I found to be displayed were not anything close to what I was looking for. Did these changes really make search that much more targeted? I think not.

Many webmasters have come to the conclusion that the only way to keep the Panda from destroying their livelihoods was to make their sites stronger. I agree to a point, but in doing so they changed the way they were indexed, and not always in a good way. The items we searched for and found so easily in the past is now gone. Website owners have been drawn to believe that only posts of great magnitude would be given a higher score with the search engines, namely Google. Now the internet searcher has to weed through absolutely huge posts just to find what is relevant to their search. and this in itself is causing a large amount of frustration to them.

Of course, building a strong business foundation is the best long term goal. Having a good template if you use wordpress for example. Using good plugin sets, writing good useful posts that help the reader. These are all things that many of us have already been doing for years. Why has so much changed and not always to the greater good? I see in many places total frustration from webmasters who have taken years to build their blogs, only to have them dumped in the internet sewer after Panda update. This has caused a lot of folks to wonder, “What’s the Point?”. And these folks thought they had built a strong business foundation for their online websites.

Social Proof?

Adding social proof seems to be one of the marking points from the recent changes. I think it’s a little late myself for Google Plus and other challenges to the social giant that is Facebook. It may just be another way for Google to score how well a website is doing, but they of course never reveal the true meaning behind their scoring procedures. Lot’s of people have jumped on the Google Plus bandwagon, I even gave it a try myself. I have posted on their site just a few times, and internet marketers can work their wonders on this new platform. I’ve even seen some of Google’s top name spokesman on there hawking wares of various types like cell phone devices and whatnot. What we were not expecting right? I do hope that in the general, they allow all who use the new platform to build a social following and be able to promote products and not get looked down upon. After all, they do it themselves, no need to be a hypocrite right?

The strong business foundation many had thought they had achieved, all came crashing down in a few short months.