Backlink Commando Launches

Backlink Commando Replaces Backlink Booster

I own the old backlink booster program along with the little browser bookmarklet from a couple years ago, I have been waiting for this new updated version to launch for a long time.


Backlink Commando Replacement Here

If you were like me and using the older BLB or Backlink Booster then you knew how good it was. I used it on my articles out published in the wild and utilized this little program to give the links a boost and some extra juice. This was a couple years ago and it did help me with my sites and improve my link profile.

Fast forward to today, launch day. It has been some time coming but Sean Donahoe has coded this plugin and bookmarklet code himself, I know because I saw him do it on a skype call. There is always room for improvement, even on the old BLB code. Sean has been working on this for a long time now. I was one of the customers that was waiting, and I was not always that patient about it. I razzed him in a good way whenever the chance presented itself about when the new code would be finished.

My waiting time is over and I have had the chance to mess around and install the plugin. The install went through without a hitch. The activation also worked %100. I had an issue with the way the bookmarklet code worked at first as I was used to the old way. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong then it was fine. The code works, it was user error.

The plugin has a cron which you can use, and other settings for boosting your own content links. This is all automatic and it will work on a shared hosting server box.

I am pleased with it and will be using this newer version a lot. My old version got a lot of use until Pingfm went and changed hands or out of business. This new program does not rely on that stuff so you will have a longer lasting program to boost your content.

If you have a blog network this plugin also works with it. It can be set to boost content in your network. I like the many features and tore this thing apart to make sure it worked. I have a lot of plugins installed on this blog for testing, and there were no conflicts.

Make sure that your hosting has Ion Cube Loaders as part of the hosting package, the plugin needs this and the support will not be able to fix and Ion Cube issues. I just wanted to make sure you knew this part.

Have fun with it and use it to build your link profiles, it built mine up a lot in the past and now I will go get to work building more juice.

Backlink Commando Rocks!