Aweber Service Went Downhill

I for one have had my Aweber account for some time now and really did not have that many problems until some updates just last fall. Others have had issues that stemmed from supposed upgrades but for the most part all was going fairly well. I went into my account the other day and tried to do some normal tasks and even backup my lists, none of the buttons worked. I think for me that was the deciding factor as I have worked through the changes and was doing my best to not get all worked up over the fact that delivery rates seemed to drop. Not all of this was Aweber’s fault, I will point directly at Google for the tabs changes in Gmail.

This latest of issues was the last straw as we keep plodding along and doing our best, then the service just slaps you right upside your head and makes you pay attention to the amount of issues and take stock of how the service is working to make your business easier. I found that with these recent problems that if I were to place a score on this service and make a decision on whether or not it was helping me or hurting, I decided that it had fallen into the realm of harm. Harm in time spent and that was above all else.

I used to get %34 average open rates and higher on my emails and people liked what I had to say. My emails were to the point and I did my best to provide value and free training and tips when possible. I will be sending out an email to my combined lists and sharing my decision to close my Aweber account and I wanted to say why so you understood.

This is not the end of my career, far from it. I will be making inroads elsewhere and I will also be moving my lists to a place where I am able to reach more of you.

I test a lot of software, I usually get it as a JV copy and run it until it breaks or I find that it works as advertised. I will continue to do this as long as folks want my unbiased opinion on what works. If you see a launch of software but didn’t hear from me that is really no indication that it may be bad, far from it. I only test software that fits with my business plan. If I see it does work and it will fit into your business, then you will most likely have an email from me in the inbox. Problem is that in recent times I hit promotions tab no matter the value of what I had to say. That is why I am going to re-frame my business now and change focus on how my message gets to you fine reader.

I do hope you will follow along as I continue to provide the inside look into what software and services are out there and how they will help you.


Video Vantage Gives You The YouTube Advantage

Software is a time saver, we get that. If you spend all your spare time building and ranking videos on YouTube then you realize what kind of time we are talking about here.

Currently there are ways to rank videos and do it the old way, like spamming the crap out of links and doing things you cannot do to your blog or website. Nope, if you spam you get hammered by some Google animal or something. Seems they punish people for that. Well, we know this also and still need traffic so what do you do? Ghost busters does not enter into anything so you do the next best thing and that is video.

Trying your best to do all this by hand and still have a life can be a wish that may never come true. Using a software tool to assist with some of the mundane chores has always been a solution for you, trouble is which software does the job you want it to without a lot of hassles?


The way I have found is just by testing to see what works best. It can be a bit expensive, especially when there are so many solutions out there to look at. Let’s look at some of the ways to save time.

Problem one: Upload a video easily

Solution: One click uploading

Problem Two: Build Backlinks to your video

Solution: The software builds high pr links and wiki links for you

I could go on and on but you get the idea here. Time saved is money in your pocket. I also see where this software works for both Mac and Windows so you do not have to worry a bit about running extra applications to get something to work with Mac. This is all done for you.

Have a look at Video Vantage and see what I am talking about. There is a lot more there on the page than what I can describe here. I have an idea that you will be happy with it.





Backlink Commando Launches

Backlink Commando Replaces Backlink Booster

I own the old backlink booster program along with the little browser bookmarklet from a couple years ago, I have been waiting for this new updated version to launch for a long time.


Backlink Commando Replacement Here

If you were like me and using the older BLB or Backlink Booster then you knew how good it was. I used it on my articles out published in the wild and utilized this little program to give the links a boost and some extra juice. This was a couple years ago and it did help me with my sites and improve my link profile.

Fast forward to today, launch day. It has been some time coming but Sean Donahoe has coded this plugin and bookmarklet code himself, I know because I saw him do it on a skype call. There is always room for improvement, even on the old BLB code. Sean has been working on this for a long time now. I was one of the customers that was waiting, and I was not always that patient about it. I razzed him in a good way whenever the chance presented itself about when the new code would be finished.

My waiting time is over and I have had the chance to mess around and install the plugin. The install went through without a hitch. The activation also worked %100. I had an issue with the way the bookmarklet code worked at first as I was used to the old way. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong then it was fine. The code works, it was user error.

The plugin has a cron which you can use, and other settings for boosting your own content links. This is all automatic and it will work on a shared hosting server box.

I am pleased with it and will be using this newer version a lot. My old version got a lot of use until Pingfm went and changed hands or out of business. This new program does not rely on that stuff so you will have a longer lasting program to boost your content.

If you have a blog network this plugin also works with it. It can be set to boost content in your network. I like the many features and tore this thing apart to make sure it worked. I have a lot of plugins installed on this blog for testing, and there were no conflicts.

Make sure that your hosting has Ion Cube Loaders as part of the hosting package, the plugin needs this and the support will not be able to fix and Ion Cube issues. I just wanted to make sure you knew this part.

Have fun with it and use it to build your link profiles, it built mine up a lot in the past and now I will go get to work building more juice.

Backlink Commando Rocks!

Typhoon Hits The Philippines – Emergency Charity WSO

Folks, what we have here is yet another really bad situation in the fact that just in the past few days our friends in the Philippines was hit by a monster typhoon.

Emergency Charity WSO

“ I’m out here retrieving bodies that are starting to rise to the surface.
It’s overwhelming. We didn’t expect these many dead ”
Benito Ramos, head of the National Disaster Council

This the time of the year for a lot of us to be thinking of Christmas, not burying our family members from a disaster. I would hope if you just a few minutes of your time to please go visit and look at this offer, you will see the value in many ways, both in helping your fellow-man, and getting a lot of great internet marketing tools and training.

This WSO is all charity, %100 of the proceeds will be going to the disaster relief fund for these folks. A lot of us employ people or VA’s from this country, so any help you can give would be great. I know personally 2 people effected myself, they have had loss of either family or homes. Both can be devastating to any of us, imagine what these folks are going through right now.

Charity WSO’s are not new, the warrior forum is well-known for raising a tremendous amount of money for charitable causes. You can do your part if you are an online marketer or wanting to learn from some of the best by visiting this WSO and seeing for yourself how wonderful it is to be a member there. If you have some spare time, would you please go visit the forum and take a look? Thank you all…

Getting The Most Out Of WordPress And Fixing A Crashed Blog

WordPress Repair

I would have to say that a few years ago there was no way you could have said I would be commenting on this subject, let alone trying to show tips about it. I was fairly new to wordpress and was not that comfortable using it. I had tried a lot of web publishing software and like others, was not sure of the wordpress platform and what learning curve it would take to master it. I jumped in and with a lot of reading, trial and error, I was able to make a go of it and convert all of my websites to wordpress.

I now will not even think of doing a new website without wordpress and all the power it holds. You can use a plethora of plugins, but they must work and play well with the other plugins that are installed. That is one of the only major problems, is when you decide to update your base wordpress install, will all the plugins remain working?

Worst case scenario with plugins gone wrong

There have been horror stories of whole blogs going down just because of one plugin that threw a fatal error on an updated wordpress base install. The plugin author was not ready obviously, and the web publisher paid the price. They have had to try and fix it themselves, but that is hard to do if you are new. I will go over how this is done so you can fix any problems with your plugins folder and get your blog up and running again.

First you will need your ftp program. You should already have this if you are doing web publishing. Filezilla is good as is core ftp. I will walk you through the basic steps to disable your plugins folder for now, we will fix it later. What we will be doing is renaming your plugin folder, and then deleting the offending plugin if you know which one is causing the problem.

If you are not able to see your website or login to wp-admin dashboard, there is a solution, rename the plugins folder to plugins_old. As shown here you will need to navigate via ftp client to your wp-plugins folder, it resides inside of wp-content.

ftp client showing plugins folder

The next step would be to right click the folder and select rename. Rename the folder plugins_old and click outside the box, this will set the name. The next shot will show what we have done.

rename plugins folder

Your blog should now show to the world and you should be able to get inside the wp-admin dashboard.You may now right click inside of the area and select create new directory. Name it plugins. This will allow you to upload some basic plugins and start over for the time being, we will repair the old folder and get this back up and running in a minute here.

You can go to your ftp and re-upload a new set of plugins to the new folder, just name the new one as plugins. This will allow wordpress to see it and use what is inside. This is a step most of us don’t want to have to use, but it will get your crashed blog back up and running. You may now investigate the bad plugin, find it, delete it and then you may go through the process again renaming the newer plugins folders as older or whatever. At least you will be able to function. All that is next after repairs is to also rename the original folder back to plugins. This will keep all your ads or offers and seo settings intact.

What if I Know The Plugin That Caused The Problem?

There are times when you know from an error message in the wp-admin dashboard which plugin caused a fatal error or just generally does not work with the newer versions of wordpress. It is a sad day when the whole blog comes crashing down and your income and visitors with it. There is a way to just remove the one offending plugin, you delete it from the plugins section in your dashboard.

There are also times when trying to delete the plugin causes major issues. or refuses to be deleted. I will try and show you how to get rid of the problem.

You will need your ftp client again. We will be going back into the same directory, the plugins folder and open the plugins folder itself.

plugins visible inside plugins folder


The next thing we do is to right click on the offending plugin and select delete and confirm the deletion…


deleting a plugin


This should do it. You should be able to go back to your blog and confirm that all is working now. It;s a tough road sometimes to keep this all updated and working together. If you run into issues like this then having this method ready will work and help you keep your traffic flowing. If you lose traffic momentum, it may take awhile to have it come flowing back. You always need a plan for when disaster strikes.