CTR Theme – Will It Increase Your Adsense Earnings?

CTR Theme For Niche Adsense Sites?

I have a nice premium theme here with Catalyst, so I am not looking to change my theme on this site any time soon. I was however wondering more about any niche sites I was wanting to build and what theme would do the trick for ad rotation and ad serving. The answer I got from friends was CTR Theme. I took a look at the videos they show on how it works and rotates ads for each page view, that is very cool if you ask me. People get so ad blind after a while that the effectiveness is mostly gone.

Ad rotation is a wonderful idea, it gives a new view to the site and moves things around to serve the reader and the search engines. In the video they show several ad placement areas and ad types. I personally do not use link units and for a good reason, it takes two clicks on this ad type to see any revenue. I will not be using this, but there is a spot for it. I have my own opinions on ad block sizes and after a few years of testing, I have pretty good idea what works for me. But with this template, the ad choices may not be the same as mine for size. I have always liked the large rectangle ad block, and it usually gets the most clicks.


Rotating Images And Ad Blocks Are Good


In the western society, we read from left to right, and tend to start looking at the left side and center. It’s all about how you place focal points for people to gravitate to that leads to more ads shown to readers. They want to read the articles, but having ads there in the vicinity can lead to better CTR or click through ratio.  The CTR theme video will also show what I mean in the image placement on one of the views it serves the reader. You will see a double image shown and how good it looks when you read the page.

Being able to rotate images to different location to bring fresh focus to the content and ad blocks is a great idea. I have heard good things about this template from others who use it. I will be going and getting my own copy here soon and will report back on what I am seeing with it. I have tried heatmap theme before, It is good, but I like a certain style for my main blogs. The heatmap theme did not quite give me a 3 column choice like I usually have in my sites. This is a small drawback for me, but this theme works very well for others. It is just a matter of my choice and opinion.


Will CTR Theme Work For You?

I have a pretty good idea it will, the short answer is yes. If you want to be able to have flexibility in your theme appearance and ad serving, then this would be one of my top choices. I only recently learned about it and am very interested in it. If you want to go get some exact match domains and go the niche route on website creation, then this just might be the theme you may have been looking for. CTR theme looks very interesting st this point for me, You can always go to their site and watch the small demo video and see if it fits for you too.