Digi Article Blaster – It Works For Me

I have several Digi products and Digi article blaster is in my IM arsenal. It works wonders for getting the word out about what I have to say on my blog. I see instant results same day in my awstats section of my cpanel. I bet you would like to see the same thing, results that are real. Blogging can be a lonely road some days, you write your backside off only to hear crickets. I have had those days myself and work to put up something really good, or at least I think so, only to find nobody is reading it. The whole problem is exposure, if would-be interested readers do not see your article then you will not get any eyeballs on the page.

No matter what type of blogging you do, there is always a way to help it have more visibility on the net, this tool can help you do just that. I have other Digi software in my collection and will talk about those another time, but there are a few I use weekly and have good results from using them and the backlinks I build and the traffic that comes from that.

Digi article blaster builds article accounts for you. I use decaptcher for the visual aid in captcha breaking. It takes awhile to build about 225 accounts or so, you then need to verify the account emails. Once all that is done you may choose to blast a post or page out to the various syndication websites. It give an excerpt and view source link by default on your article. You may also choose to spin the article, I do not spin it, I just let it go as written with the view source link.

I think it is a very painless way to do some article blasting and marketing for your blog. It builds backlinks for you at the time of your choice. You choose which article to use and what the author bio should say. The flexibility of having a plugin do this kind of work on your schedule and at a one time price point and no subscriptions is top drawer for me. I hate subscriptions. If you get busy and not use it very much one month, you are still paying the stupid bill. Being able to sit down and do some really good content is hard enough for some people with busy work weeks, but having this plugin sitting at the ready for you to be able to blast out an article and gain some web traction, for me this is priceless. I have never had any problems myself with any of Andy Fletcher’s plugins in the Digi line. I really like the stuff and use it whenever the need arises. Digi article blaster will always be in my arsenal of IM tools and it will help you like it has me.

4 thought on “Digi Article Blaster – It Works For Me”

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  2. Roger

    I also use Digi Article Blaster on my blogs. Gotta love a plugin that syndicates your articles automatically. Would definitely agree with Jim on this one. As a once off cost and the power that you get its a no brainer purchase for me. One of the best IM purchases I ever made.

  3. Jan Smith

    I also use Digiarticleblaster and am a very happy customer. I agree with Jim and Roger on this one as I use it but I do spin my articles just as a precaution. Spinning is a pain in the rear-end but I do it as a precaution only.

    The other thing I like about digiarticleblaster is how easy it is to use. I’m no tech-head and had no trouble following these directions. I also like Andy Fletcher because once you have bought one of his products, he doesn’t hit you every day with a new offer that gets frightfully distracting. But he stays in regular touch with good info and ideas.

    Nice post Jim and thanks for sharing your experiences 🙂

  4. Jim Post author

    I would add here a recent small error of “Digi article blaster is busy”. I found out that my plugin was out of date. The cure for this is to go back to your original download link and re-download it. Uninstall the old version and put in the new version. You will not lose any of your accounts and it fixed the problem right away.


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