Do You Suck At Photoshop For Sales Page Graphics? WP Headline Is Here!

Stop Sucking At Photoshop Graphics For Your WordPress Based Sales Page Now!

If you are an affiliate marketer or a product creator, one of the biggest headaches for some of us is the graphics and how they look on your sales page. I am terrible at photoshop even though I still see the version 1 disc on my archives shelf in my office. I just never went anywhere with it. I did the basic stuff, but nowhere near the extreme sales pages you see now all over the place. Trying to get the layers just right or text position, all a great big hassle for me. I could do without any of that and I am sure you want to dump extra time someplace else, like maybe adding to your product to make it even better or recruiting affiliates.

See the example here? This is exactly the type of graphic headlines you can be creating on a sales page or even inside of a blog post to make your content even more appealing than it already was. I liked the easy setup for the plugin, but I did have to ftp the bare plugin folder to my wordpress install due to the size of the file. The wp headline plugin reduces your dependance on anything photoshop related and frees up your time to get on with your day.

Let’s take a look at some more examples of the graphics plugin and how they can work for you in creating some really killer eye catching text examples.

With my busy schedule I find it difficult and time consuming to waste my time on tutorials trying to figure out how to add something good to either my blog or finish my sales page for my upcoming product six figure adsense code. I needed good looking sales and jv invite pages, but with the way things were going, my pages were not coming along as I had hoped.

The offer was fairly straight forward, and yes, there was at least on oto after the main sale. I took that one as well and will report that it had some sales pages and themes included, along with ready to go sales pages. I would rather do those myself with the wp headline plugin. I think I will be using this for a lot of my projects, it seems to add that extra snap on my pages, that is why I wanted to show real world examples here so you could see them.

The plugin uses a series of short codes that you select from a drop down menu. It gives visual examples to show you what kind of font and color choices you will be adding. Just place your mouse cursor over the spot where you want the code to appear, and select insert code. It really is that easy!

Have a look at what they have to say, and see even more examples of the graphics available to you when you buy it. I have included 2 bonuses for those who buy from my affiliate link below. Thanks!

WP Headline Plugin