Does Your Website Or Video Offend Google Or Youtube?

I recently heard about the blacklisting of a website that I happen to read, and I was a bit shocked but not totally surprised that they had been blacklisted by Google. The reason they said was some redirect to a sub domain or something like that. Turns out this was incorrect and there was no recourse for the website to fight it.

I have seen a fall in one other of my main blogs and my nine (9) year old Youtube channel for what seems to be the same type of thing. I may not be totally gone from the search engines but I have seen a major fall in subscriptions and views. I have a suspicion that some Leftist employee has flagged it but the penalty is not visible inside of GWT or Google webmaster tools. I do not come right out and write about it mostly, or at least until now.

There is a new administration and what seems to me to be an explosion of heads lashing out their frustration in their total loss on all fronts. The people have spoken and we are tired of the crap.

Youtube can now read your voice and provide a transcript of your video, in other words they can see what you speak in real time. I wonder how much of that text is used to determine any content for review?

Natural News Wins It’s Fight

Moving forward we see the fight that Natural News has had with Google and the fact that they fought the law and won.
Google censorship of Natural News: Statement from the Health Ranger

I agree to a point that there should be some oversight in how policy is handled on a broad spectrum, but Google is a company for profit, theirs…not yours. It seems to many times that these Leftists have totally infiltrated all aspects of any online company and are quick to push down any and all voices that do not support their agendas.

Active Censorship

I have been careful in the past and not got carried away with rhetoric about any particular politician or company, at least until now. I have seen for years the censorship from Yahoo! and Google, along with Facebook for anyone who happened to be conservative. Active censorship in real time via comments that are moderated on online meetings etc. This should not be tolerated at any time.

I do hope you will speak out on any forum you see where there is this type of activity. It is about as wrong as it can get on all levels. You can help by signing the petition for Google to be held accountable for banning free speech.

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