Finding The Enjoyable Business

Build A Business That You Can Enjoy

I have to say that all these years of thinking in cartoons has finally found it’s way to the surface. I finally found something I enjoy doing and the ideas flow like water. From seeing ideas pop into my head while scanning my Facebook news feed to reading an article, these ideas just seem to pop. I have had sayings that I have used for years as a bit of humor even make it’s way onto a t-shirt and I am not talking about only the clean ones.

I had looked some years ago into building shirts and other products with funny sayings on them but the fact was that I really will not do any of the traditional ordering and shipping myself. I could not do that with my trucking business, not going to work. This all evaded me and I admit sometimes I am a bit out of the loop especially when I heard about Amazon Merch accounts. I realized that this was my one chance to allow me to build what I wanted to and not have any of the traditional hassles with inventory bugging me. I applied for an account and waited, it took a few days but here I am, creating my own line of funny t-shirts.

This is just a starting point, there is so much more for me to learn and create. My journey to knowledge may be a long one but anything worth trying seems like a never-ending road to finding out all I can about this business model. There are a fair amount of courses teaching some of this but in my own case, I did a lot of searching for free info out there on Youtube and other places to see what is the latest news and trends.

I did a ton of searching to find places with online software to create my ideas. There were very few that were free because most were paid and they did not do a very good job. The last thing I needed was another bill for something that did not work very well or was very limited to the amount of custom ideas that could be put together with graphics. The one place I found that had a lot of base designs to help you along with ideas was Udesignart. 

This website had more of what I was needing to get started, base designs and a ton of extra graphics to help you along. I try to use my own photos whenever possible to make my shirts my own design or idea without any copying. Copying designs direct will get you banned from Merch so best to stay clear of that idea. I have way too many ideas of my own to worry about having to steal anything anyways.

I do hope these ideas will help you along if you had considered doing something like this. I only wish I had learned more about this program a year ago. It seems like I live in a bubble and only learn about new ways to build a business and income stream after the fact. This model seems like there is room for expansion and as always, if you have traffic then you can make sales and with Amazon you most certainly have the traffic available and it is up to you to grab some of it for yourself.

I wish you the best of luck in your adventures both online and off. Have a wonderful day!