Firestorm SEO -Build Viral Traffic Now

Firestorm SEO Made Me Thousands Of Dollars-My Tax Statements Prove It

One of the best programs ever sold to help bloggers is Firestorm SEO. I know, because I have used it myself for a year and a half and it has made me a lot of money. I cannot reveal exactly the power portion of the program, but I will say that it does create viral traffic and optimize your blog if you follow the steps. The power portion as I call it brings extra traffic without you having to do anything other than normal blogging and pinging, and some natural backlink building. To get the ball rolling all you would have to do is article syndication, which is a normal process anyways, and watch your stats climb.

There are many different ways to get started on traffic for your blog, but having the steps completed with this program will accelerate your blogs progress much faster. Some of the steps for stopping two versions being indexed of your blog are now out of date and have been taken care of with the newer wordpress, but the other portions still work fine.

There are available other versions of the power portion as I call it, but it would cost a lot more to get access to this than the base program. I would just do the steps involved and move on to the next project you have or write more and do your blog promotion.

What Steps Do I Follow To Get The Site Going?


I would buy the program, and get wordpress installed first on your own self hosted domain.

  1. After you have your base install go through all the firestorm seo videos at least twice, and finish each step as needed.
  2. Get your content up and inside the blog. Use good SEO techniques on your articles for better indexing. You may do a combination of pages and posts to get some ground floor content.
  3. I would use pinging services after publishing, wait a couple hours so you don’t have problems with the ping engines.
  4. Do some backlink services or profile comments. This would give your site a few links. Do not go overboard on new domains, go slow and build over time.
  5. Build link magnets and use other types of article and backlink building techniques.


Content Creation On A Schedule

Create content on a regular schedule for the robots to have something to work with and rank your site better. This helps in many ways, you can hire it done or write like me. I don’t mind most days writing down the techniques I have used and want to pass along. If you can try and write at least twice a week, this will help give your site a regular updated “look” to the search engines and they will visit more often. I use many different plugins to help me get my seo correct when writing sometimes, but for the most part I try to just write for you and add my keywords a few times to help with ranking.

Having content written and published ona regular basis sends more robots and visitors to your door. I watch stats for when I am visited and even will go and use the quotes on my title of my post or page and see if it has made it into the index. You use this in a search bar and see if your content is indexed.

“Is My Stuff In Google?”

If this was the title of you post or page, then you could go and see if it was already in the index. This helps to know hwo it looks on the search page, and to make sure when you click the search result that there is no errors. This is important for sure.

Will Firestorm SEO Help Me?


My answer would be yes, but only if you follow the steps. If it sits on your hard drive and you do nothing, then you will see zero returns. You have to actually use the program for it to do anything. Firestorm SEO is a tried and true program. I owe a debt of gratitude to Sean Donahoe for making it and it is considered a true classic in Mr.Wizard strategy.



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  56. Toddjir


    I couldn’t agree more. Sean makes top quality products and Firestorm SEO, is no exception. If people really want to learn how to get to the top of search engines, this is the program. it teaches everything from on page optimization to building proper backlinks.

    By the way, I have had a look around your website and your info is top quality. Thanks for your tips!

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