Global One Payout

Global One Finally Shows Us The Money!

I joined ultimate power profits a few months ago when I heard about it from a friend. I have never really worked much with MLM, but I saw the opportunity to join this program at the founders level. I took the leap of faith and now it is paying off. I am glad that I did now, it has been a long road and there are more features being added every day. A friend of mine named Rob Fore had shown us the screen shot of his back office in ultimate power profits, it was a nice sum. He was also a founder and sitting at the Platinum level, so his earnings are going to be a bit higher.

When I saw the money deposit in my back office, I went and upgraded my membership one level and we will see how this all pans out. I am a born skeptic, with all the bad programs out there, I wanted to be sure of what I was doing. If you are curious now, then I will share on how to get some more info to study.

I am waiting for the payment cycle to roll around again to see if my decision to upgrade in the middle of it all works. I wanted to maybe get a little bit more out of the payments calculations, and will invest it back into the program matrix. A lot of this stuff can be confusing to us all, unless you are a seasoned MLM’r from way back. I am not and study a lot on the side and try to ask questions as much as possible.

If you do end up joining under my link, do try and get others to join under your own link. Work the system and and get 3 people to join under you. This assures you of having a payout level that is much better than just an affiliate status. Have your new signups do their best to also get 3 people to join, this builds your downline.

You may join me here and let’s get this show on the road