How Our Pets Enrich Our Lives

My Whacky Four legged Children

I do have some really neat family members, they have 4 legs, but that does not stop them from being full fledged members of our family. My 2 dogs and one kitty keep us entertained all Winter long in Montana. If it were not for them, it would be very lonely for my wife while I am at work. Heating with wood, my wife has to feed the fire while I am not there, gives a real meaning to keeping the home fires burning. There are a lot of dangers in northwest Montana, just going outside at night can place you in some real bad situations, both Summer and Winter. There have been nights when we have gone outside and heard the gnashing of teeth and jaws, a clear and present danger, and a warning from unseen predators lurking just outside the beam of the porch light.

Our dog Sammy has been there for us, and Sapa our black lab before him, going ahead of us in the dark when we open a door, to clear the area of possible predator dangers and assure us it was ok to continue on our way outdoors. We read our dogs like an open book. If they hackle up and cowl, then it is an upper level predator or most likely a mountain lion just outside the door area or very near. If they bark and run, then it most likely a bear, and they make sure it leaves the property and knows it’s place.

We Heat With Wood And Have To Replenish The Woodstove

Since we have to go out at night sometimes for firewood, we are grateful that we have such wonderful dogs as protectors. Just going out the door can be a hazard, and our dogs always get up to go ahead of us when we open a door for any reason. I am thankful for them in this life. They are great companions, and they live long and healthy lives in our home. Our animals have most all passed on from old age, not neglect, getting hit by a car, or sickness. I am sure you also have a 4 legged family member that you think the same way about. A lot of folks who give a home to a dog or kitty know this already, without them the world would be a much different place, and not for the better.

Sammy was a rescue dog, he shows his gratitude on a daily basis. My wife Shawne says ” Sammy is an old soul, he has been this way many times and we have spent a life together before”. I believe that and I know someday, I will be reunited again with the pets who have passed before me. I really miss my cat “Nasty”. He was one of a kind. When I called home on the phone, he would grab my wife’s arm and pull the phone down to him and just start yammering away, talking to me. Funny thing is, I understood him. He could say about 4 words in human speak, momma, daddy, yes and no. And we could tell what he was saying. Nasty cat was a rescue kitten from a junk yard. He was all oily and greasy, but I watched him walk up to me and purr. It was all over for me. Here was a feral kitten, coming up to me and talking. I was hooked right there. I do miss him a lot, he is buried with Sapa under our Spruce tree in the side yard.

yellow lab


Our Pets Are Comforting On Difficult Days


When my wife is having a bad time, all she has to do is to curl up with Sammy or Jorda. But, most of the time she does not have to ask them, they will sandwich her and comfort her when she is feeling blue. That is one of the wonders of the animal world with dogs and even kitties, they know when their human is having a bad day. They will be there for you as you are there for them and their needs.

When Sapa passed on, it was a year later when a litter of lab puppies was born, to the exact day. We talked about getting a new puppy, and my wife went and visited the new puppies. She let them crawl around and one pup came over and sat with her. This was Jorda. She has the mannerisms that Sapa had and we feel it is Sapa reborn.



Funny Catnip Catnap

Blaster cat is a funny guy, he is laying on his cat toy and scratch pad. He has a roller ball that runs in the track, and a scratch pad where we give him a lot of catnip. He just does love the stuff like any good kitty does. He is a stoner from way back, probably a left over from the 60’s hippy reborn with his love of the psychedelic green kitty herbs.

Adopt A Shelter Animal, Give them A New Life And They Will Return The Love Many Times

My wife will never forget adopting Sammy. She had went to the local store and there was ASPCA folks there trying to get people to adopt a pet. She got out of her car and heard a howling from one of the dogs, they said it was the first time this dog had made a sound in over a month. Shawne saw Sammy and petted him, then she had to go do her shopping, this was a Friday night. She thought about him all weekend and wanted to return to the store to see if Sammy was still there for adoption on Monday, they were always there on Mondays and Fridays with pets for adoption. When she went back to see Sammy, all the dogs were there except for Sammy. Shawne thought he had been adopted, and she cried all the way home. The next Friday, Shawne went back to same store again to shop, and for some reason she parked in the back of the store, something she had never done in 7 years of shopping there.

When Shawne got out of the car, she heard this same long lonesome howl. She ran to the back of the parking lot where the ASPCA folks were loading the animals back into the van to transport back to the kennel. She hollered loudly, “I want that dog”. Shawne then proceeded to spend her whole weeks grocery money on Sammy.

They have been together 11 years now. I am glad she was supposed to find her Sammy, I am now part of that pack too. Sammy is on the right side of the couch.



From left to right. Jorda, Blaster and Mr. King dog.. Sammy