Montana Life – Winter Wonderland

Winter In Montana Has It’s Beauty And Hardships


My wife had a chance to pose with a friends fish he had just caught a few hours before. It was Huge!

The mountains in the Winter can be a wonderful place to be. There is nothing like waking up to see this next view, we do, every morning.

the view from our bedroom window


Montana winter scenery can be breathtaking. If you look at the placid Clark Fork river in the Winter and see how this compares to other portions of the world, I think you would agree it is just as beautiful here as anywhere.

clark fork river heron montana

clark fork river looking east

The ice that forms from water seepage in the rocks can make for some really large icicles. They can be nice to look at, but in this photo they are right on the side of the cliff face, and the road runs right below where they are making it a bit hazardous for Winter driving.

ice forms on cliff over highway 200 clark fork idaho


These ice formations are about 15 feet high or so. They weigh many tons and you would not want these to fall on your car as you pass by traveling or on the way to the store.

Montana life is wonderful. We live in a place where the scenery is always beautiful all year round. There is nothing like the clean air and water. We have been known to drink from the springs right off the side of the mountains. A lot of the locals get their drinking water from these springs as well, and it is safe to drink. I do hope you liked this little snapshot of what our lives are like up here in the remote mountains. It is some miles to get to a larger store, about 84 round trip. So if you get a need for a particular food or snack, unless the local stores are open, it’s a drive. The local stores are not so close either, about 24 miles round trip.