Real Income Opportunity-The Perfect Matrix

I joined ultimate power profits or global one months ago. I and a lot of other people have been waiting patiently for the program features to be released in full. Many have, but not all of them are running at the moment. I even got some payments, but some folks get a little impatient waiting for the time to pass and the pay to start rolling in. Hang in there people, it’s getting better all the time.

I do have some advice for people starting out, don’t worry that were not able to sign up as a founder, it does not matter anymore. Sure, I did sign up as a founder and took the opportunity as it came along. I am glad that I did and do not regret it one bit. Most of us missed out on buying Facebook shares or some other opportunity that is long gone, now is your time to take action and get in on the ground floor of something that is exploding right now. A half million members strong, global one is not going away, far from it. Folks sign up every day to get a piece of the pie.

Build The Perfect Matrix

A lot of programs fail in one area, your downline fills up with people who want to see what the buzz is all about, but do not commit and clog up the downline as a non payer status. There is a way to stop this however, you can build a downline that has nothing but paying members on your levels. How do you do this? You either spend a ton of time calling people and signing them up or, you hire somebody to do it for you. How about a simpler solution? Frank Van Zon has come up with a program method that he has used to build his own downline or team to over 2500 people. You can get him to build your team for you and it is not as hard as you might think or as expensive.

Frank has built this team I speak of and they are all in my own downline. I am very happy about this of course, and you should be building the same thing for you and your family. Lucky for you I have a place where you can go read more about it, but I will get to that in a minute here.

Building multiple income streams from one program is one of the best features from global one. Built and based in the U.S., global one is a legitimate company that is serving over 150 countries. Sure, they are still in the setup stage and have been working on some of these features for months now, but it will be really ramping up by the first of the year.

How many times have you spent money on something that fell short of expectations? I know I have and I bet you may have as well. A lot of us have tried different programs over the years and even MLM or selling products door to door or trying to run a certain type of party to get people to try and buy. None of that here, just a real income opportunity for you to finally put some effort into and see some results.

Features rolling out soon will be:

1. Your own product website

2. Training newsletter

3. Investment software, available to upper level accounts.

Plus a whole lot more to be added as time rolls on.

What do you receive with what Frank is offering? Help with training, webinars, members area website, your own downline, your account fees paid for some levels of purchase.

There is much to be seen and so much that I cannot repeat here and is better read on Frank’s website where he explains it all for you. I have personally seen what he has done for me with people in my downline. I can see it in my back office in generations tab. I know he can do the same for you if you give him a chance. Having Frank build you a matrix filled with paying members means no more blank spots and all of them paying you each time your earnings get calculated.

I am making money with global one, are you ready to build the perfect matrix and have a real income opportunity and get started?


Go visit Frank and tell him that Jim sent you.


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  1. Corey R Jackson

    Mr Jim Hudson. We have yet to meet but for the online world here. Yet. I had known personally Frank back when Global One / Upp was still in operation. Was simply wondering if you had heard about the latest with Frank & his ventures. Or more so. I have yet to explore further on your site. How is your success coming along here online. Thank you kindly !

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