Digi Traffic Generator

Andy Fletcher is back with a vengeance with his software called Digi Traffic Generator. Andy took a break from software creation and it has been a long time since I had anything to write about that was any good. I have most all of the digi line of products and I am very happy with them. I have used this stuff for a long time and it always seems to do well.

A lot of blog owners are hoping to see some help with the panda and penguin updates, so you are not alone. Building manual backlinks has always been a pain in the rear, especially now after all the Google fun and games. The panda updates have a been a real seo killer in some aspects, at least the way seo was done in the past.

Andy is going to be charging $39.95 a month for this new release, I don’t blame him at all, but. I have a place where you can get the whole thing for half that. No need to thank me now, just use this new software wisely and go kick Google butt and get back your free time and peace of mind. Nobody should have to put up with the ridiculous amount of jumping through hoops like they want you to do. It is not in your best interest to think they can control you and your blog rankings, a lot of people have given up, but you don’t.

I see no reason at all why people put up with this total takeover of the organic search results except for one thing,  total control by Google to line their own pockets and shoving you out of the way. Is there a way to fight back? Of course there is, you just have to know how to do it. The panda updates were built for a reason and tweaked over time. Some blogs rose and a lot fell. I had some of each myself, some did well and some went in the toilet. I will be using this software to bring my old blogs back over time. There was nothing really wrong with them in my own mind, I just did not have the time to build the backlinks for all of them. This old method of building authority from scratch takes a lot of work. I have a few blogs that had link diversity and anchor text variance, it paid off. I did a lot of this by trial and error, and a lot from not knowing, I used all kinds of anchor text phrases and it rewarded me down the road.

I do hope you will go take a look and see if this is something that will work for you, a lot of what Andy builds has helped me over the past year and a half and I think it will help you too.




Digi Traffic Accelerator Opens Today Again

Digi Traffic Accelerator Is Open For A Short Time

I ordered this program the first time it was offered and was glad I did. This is a monthly fee program, but for a limited time you can try it now for a dollar. I have used it and see how well it works for my websites, and boy does it work!

One Dollar Trial!..Get In While You Can!…$1.00

Order Now Before They Close It!

Digi Traffic Accelerator

I have to say that when you click the link and it asks for en email address from you with no way to pay for the program, then you are to late. Andy Fletcher has limited spots on this software and he has closed signups once before, so get in while you can. You can use this software to create a storm of backlinks to your websites, imagine creating 500 posting accounts with several hundred web properties for each account. That is wild, you will do some serious link juicing with this software.

Go on Fiverr and type in Yahoo email accounts and see how cheap it is to get a lot of email accounts ready to plug in to this software and then create several hundred web posting accounts for each. We are talking a lot of backlinks for a very small price point. I use this program myself and I see inside my stats for my sites just how powerful it really is. There is nothing like the digi line of products from Andy Fletcher, and Digi Traffic Accelerator is no exception. This software is one of the top programs out there for creating backlinks with only a few minutes of your time.

Digi traffic accelerator is a desktop app that connects quickly and is very easy to use. What I like is being able to see the spintax as you type. You can change your title and comment in real time and it will display for you. The software has two windows. The editing section and the appearance section to see what your content will look like. You can even hit the spin button and watch in real time as it shows you what your comment and title will look like on the site it posts to. I really like that part, it helps me to not make mistakes in my spintax.

If I were you, I would get in as quick as possible or you will have to sit on an email list and wait for spots to open up. I am glad I got in when I did with Digi Traffic Accelerator.

Backlink Leverage … Is This Yet Another Digi Hit By Andy Fletcher?

Backlink Leverage Launch Today

Hi Guys,

I use Digi products every week. Backlink Leverage is the newest addition now to the Digi family. I know a lot of you have and stand by them as they are actually software that really works.  I own several of these Digi products and see the benefit they provide in gaining traffic and backlinks to my blog on a natural flow. I have not run into any instance where these products have ever failed me, not once! This is a hard act to follow, a lot have tried and most have failed.

The one thing that a person who blogs needs is wordpress plugins that will help and not cause errors or any other problems. Buying software can be a gamble as well, you never know if there is going to be problems installing or actually getting it to do what it said it would. We all have seen major failures this past year with software that does not work or has so many bugs in it that it should never has been released and should have remained in Beta. Not so with the Digi product line. I, and many others have had wonderful success with results from these products and have very little if no trouble at all getting them to run on our various server configurations and wordpress plugin combinations.

Backlink Leverage launches today, at 10 AM EST / 3 PM GMT!

I am sure you will wonderfully surprised at how well this product line works for you, I know I am. It is nice to know the one thing you don’t have to worry about while you are doing other things is any of Andy Fletcher Digi products.

I will be adding  Backlink Leverage to my arsenal of IM tools that I use every week, I am sure you will to. Backlink leverage will help build links to your links, it will add power to help  the existing links you have.

“It doesn’t just tell you how to build more backlinks… he lays out a method for making those backlinks work harder. So you’ve not only got more backlinks working for you, they’re also driving LOADS more traffic.”

Go take a look NOW. If you wait they may sell out as this is a WSO and the product is currently discounted. The WSO will only last for a while and then it will expire and close. Now would be the time to go check out another great Digi plugin.

WordPress Update Services – Use A larger Ping List

What if I told you that you could increase the ping exposure to your own blog by up to 50x or fifty times what is the normal default level with a larger ping list?

I bet you that you would probably think I was totally nuts, and you would be right, but it is true that you can do that. The default blog install comes with only 3 ping update services of recent times and it used to only have one in older installs if I remember correctly, so, in other words the ping list is majorly lacking. This is not acceptable at all. We can tweak our blogs to notify the various ping services on a much larger scale and enjoy the benefits of having many more backlinks built for us on autopilot.

I have a much larger ping list on my blog and it has helped me to gain great exposure to my potential audience by placing more information on the various services and making it easier for them to find me. Imagine if every visitor were to be notifying over 100 ping services on each visit how many pings this would be sending out? More on that in just a minute here. The update services currently work where when a post is made or page, the ping services are notified. This gains more exposure and sends the various search engine spiders running to see what’s new on your blog. How can you amplify and take advantage of this? I can tell you in just a few words… Firestorm SEO.

More than just a blog and ping improvement program, Firestorm SEO has helped me improve my blog score and how it is seen by search engines. It has helped me build a following on one of my older blogs to a point where I had to buy a dedicated server. You will learn things like, how to fix your htaccess file and how to stop or block rogue search engines from stealing your bandwidth. How to show only one version of your blog to the search engines and stop duplicate content penalty scores or slaps. And one secret way to make your blog go viral in a very short time via a nice addition to your blog template. I cannot say what it is here, you will have to buy it to find out what this is. But, I can tell you that my tax statements will show a major upgrade in total income for the year. This all takes time and will not happen overnight, but you can rest assured that it will help.

So..What About The Ping List?

I have a master ping list I will give you here in a few minutes. This will help you when you post a page or post and notify the ping services and help with exposure like I was saying earlier. It is only a small part of the Firestorm SEO program and will help a lot towards getting better visitor counts in your stats programs.

WordPress gives us a nice explanation about ping lists and update services here on their own website..

WordPress Update Services

But, you can take it a lot further than what they give you in your default blog install by using my ping list and placing it in the following area in wp-admin…

Settings–>then to writing–>scroll down until you see the open box with just a few ping services listed. Paste the list inside the box and of course don’t forget to save the changes.


Get Your Ping List Here

Jim's Ping List


This list will open in a new page. You can copy and paste this list in a new wordpad and save it somewhere safe. You will need it after you buy Firestorm SEO and start with the training. The Firestorm program comes with a ping list, but I have updated mine and wanted to include it for you to use freely.

Remember to watch the videos many times and review again and again. I did and picked up stuff I missed the first time around. It is important to do all the steps as you are able. I would start with getting the secret update services tweak installed and and then move on to working with your htaccess file and getting that updated and ready to go.

I want to hear from you and how things are going. You can write here and I will respond to your questions. I also work with Sean Donahoe inside the IMSC support section and answer tickets there as I am able. It is your choice, but to get me directly you can ask your question here on my blog and I will try to help.