Loop Pigeon – Will It Help You Get Viral Traffic?

Loop Pigeon – Is This Another Chris Munch Hit?

I did go and take the plunge today, and yet again I bought another product. This is my second Chris Munch purchase and I want to get started right away, but for this particular launch, we will have to wait until the webinar is presented or we get a recording. I did buy the first OTO, I see the potential and I am very bad at Facebook. So, in reality this was a JV with Jameson Brandon, someone who is supposed to be a Facebook expert. Myself, I have never heard of him, but I am a bit sequestered in my work.

loop pigeon pinterest and facebook traffic


I guess the best way for me to explain what we are seeing right now is a screenshot of what the traffic loop is supposed to look like on paper, or at least roughly. We will know more after the webinar is live and we get access to the recordings.


Combine Facebook, Pinterest And What Do You Get? One Hell Of A Traffic Flood!

I have no idea how these guys sit around and brainstorm these ideas up, but they probably had a good time as little kids with crayons and coloring books too, and they didn’t stay inside the lines I will bet. Thinking outside the lines is exactly what this kind of  traffic method appears to me. Traditional SEO is having a hard time right now, with Google banning blog networks that IM’rs used to build up rankings, they have to replace it with something. This looks like it may be that something that replaces all the exposed methods and brings traffic to your door.

Loop Pigeon May Be The Helping Hand You Need

I cannot say if it will for sure or not as we have not seen the finished product yet. I and all the others who bought it will have to wait. The web based software that is the OTO looks really good and they have a built in knowledge base right inside the site where you can look and see if your question has an answer. I did pass on the last OTO, only time will tell if I needed it or not to help me get a mental picture of what I need to do for setting up my fan pages and sales funnel.

If you do buy the web based software for Facebook, remember to access the paypal email you bought it with for the welcome link. Then you can go play around with it and start looking at the features and the information you will need to build the sales funnel and email list. You will need your Facebook app id and the secret key, you will also need to know what page url’s to send people to and all that. I would make notes and wait for the webinar to be ready so you can get started and not make any mistakes.

As we see the social signals as part of web rank, we also have a great need to add to any search traffic we receive. This may be another way to do just that, only time will tell and setting up good campaigns. I am ready and I hope you are too. I do see in my own tests that real visitors and those that leave comments are a good portion of the ranking signals, a lot more now than ever before. If you want to build a good list, have real comments that add value, improve Alexa ranking, or any of these reasons and more, then you should take steps to provide the search engines more of what they want.

I see on their site this message:

OPEN FOR 6 DAYS ONLY: Closes March 26th 2012

Go and have a look for yourself and see if this is something that can help you. I would say that I will be taking notes and watching directions closely. I am terrible at Facebook and fan pages, so if you have good working knowledge with this then you are ahead of me for sure. This is probably not for the complete newbie, but if you want a challenge, then by all means jump on in.

Loop Pigeon Sales Page Here



Warrior Forum – How Can It Help You Succeed Online?

Warrior Forum – What Can You Learn From Others?

Many people have visited the warrior forum over the years for help with their online ventures. I remember going there many years ago and I even had a user name that I can no longer remember, this was before they changed to the newer format. I did not post much because I was such a newbie that I didn’t want to ask any really dumb questions. That in itself is the problem, if you do not ask the question, then you will never know the answer. To start, you will need to go join up and choose a user name. I use my real name inside the forum, but you can choose pretty much any name.

Join Warrior Forum Here


There are many places where you can go inside the warrior forum for answers, and you will have to spend some real time in there to see what is the proper area for your question. I would start with the FAQS section in the screenshot below, you will be able to type your question and search the kb or knowledge base of the forum.

Warrior Forum Support Section


Warrior Special Offers Forum

Most people who are looking for a product being released will start where they are selling the products on the WSO section or warrior special offers.  Do your studying and try to not impulse buy if possible. If you are new, you can get sucked into every single sales page really quickly, my advice is to read the whole thread in the WSO and watch it carefully.I also will say that if you are looking at an offer that has been on sale for a few days, go to the back pages and read what problems if any, that are going on with the particular offer. It’s called due diligence and you should be practicing this to protect yourself.

This is the main selling area, but there are many more places where services are being sold. If you are looking for a writer to write articles for you, then the warriors for hire section is a good start. They have many sections on the main page for you to look at, and they also have a private “War Room” where it costs $37 for 20 years or something like that. Pretty cheap for what you get, a lot of info overload can happen and has happened to many people in the past.

Use The Stickys!

Use the sticky posts inside of the forum to find out what is the best practices and what to avoid. Many folks, myself included, have had posts deleted or closed due to some moderator deciding that the post was either in the wrong area or self serving in nature. The whole point is to try and find the best spot to ask your question and avoid the frustration of loosing all your info that you were trying to get help with. After a while you will find trusted sources of information and you may end up searching for new posts by this person.


Main Internet Marketing Discussion Forum

This is where many folks navigate to when they start reading the forum. It is a good spot to start, and a place that you can what other members are looking for in answers. I also know that when you are looking for a product review, many times you can look there and find what you need. By all means, read the sticky for this particular forum area as there are specific rules for this section that you will need to read. But, you can find out about a product faster in here than most other spots. The forum area is Internet Marketing Product Reviews & Ratings , and you will find out the straight info in most cases on a product name. I would also use the search function and find out what others are saying about a product name. Be careful to not bash the developer or maker of the product in question or you may find yourself with a ban from the forum.

Helpful information and discussion is encouraged, name calling and baseless accusations are not. If you have some decent manners and practice them, you should be fine. I will also name some other problems in the next section that you should avoid.

Do Not Link Drop Or Spam Threads

I have seen it time and time again on a WSO thread. Folks come in and spam the crap out of the thread or make some dumb remark, don’t do it! The post will be reported as quick as a flash and you could find yourself in hot water or banned. If you want to get some link juice from the forum, make a blog post inside the forum that is unique about a subject and post a link to your main blog from there. No affiliate links are allowed, but there is nothing saying that you cannot link back to your blog with any affiliate offer named there in a post.

No affiliate links are allowed in sigs or personal signatures. This is the section that shows below any posts you make, you may decide to have an anchor or non anchor text backlink pointing to your blog. Just be aware that all sigs are turned off in certain sections like the WSO section. You can no longer go in there and post on a thread with a link offer in your sig just to make it more visible and drive traffic away from the WSO seller’s thread. It’s dirty pool to do that, but so many have done it in the past that they had to make a new rule just to stop that.

This should be enough information on the warrior forum to get you started and keep you safe from being banned or losing your shirt. Do your studying and read what others are saying about a product or service. Good luck and I will see you at the forums.





WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Will It Help Your Blog?

WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Will It Help Or Hurt You?

Anytime I see a plugin name with the word black in it, it really makes me wonder if this is a good idea or not. I had to look for myself on a recommendation from a friend. I did some basic reading on the warrior forum WSO listing, but the plugin had just launched and there was not much info there for us to see. The name of the person who was releasing it was fairly well known and trustworthy, Peter Garety. The only problem I ever have with stuff like this is what is the track record of the plugin, or are we going to get our asses in a sling with Google when we use it. With a new product launch that is the problem, you have no freaking clue whether it will help or hurt, you only have the word of the person who is selling it.

I decided to take the plunge and buy the developer version of the plugin, this price point was the same as the others and no reason to not buy the top level. The purchase went off without a hitch, I will include a screenshot of the members area for you to see how nice and simple it really is.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin

Peter is already talking about a version 2 of  this plugin. There has been some good feedback and product changes or suggestions to be made in the next release.  I wanted to give a tip here that will help when you are shopping the warrior forum, I always look at the sales page in a skimming fashion, I then go to the back page if the WSO has been on sale for a couple of days. The reasons for this is I want to know if there are any major problems with the product and if people are bitching about it on a regular basis.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin Members Area


As you can see from the screenshot, the members area is nice and simple. Easy to navigate and find what you need quickly.

This plugin is designed to work with several options. You will need best spinner, and no, they do not have spinner chief functionality as of this writing for you folks with that service. Shorten url, ping.fm, hellotxt, onlywire, and proxy support is included.

At this time they are working on precluding all askimet captured comments so they are not posted as part of your blog. The whole point of askimet was to keep the trash off your blog, not post it. They will be including this shortly.

You will need some knowledge of cron commands or at least the ability to add one in your cpanel so you can get the plugin up and rolling. You will have the ability to add a keyword to each of the posts that you have on the blog for the auto commenting functions. There is a whole page tab devoted to just this. And, depending on how many posts you have, it may take a while to set this up. All in all, this plugin has fairly easy instructions and setup for those with basic knowledge. If you have any problems, you can always send Peter a help desk ticket and he will get you sorted out. He has been really responsive in his WSO and helping people with all their questions.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin

Since I bought the developer version, I can place it on any number of blogs in my network. With the price being close to the same as the regular version, it was silly of me think about choosing anything lower in license. If you go and read, you will find out what I am saying is right along the same lines as others are writing about. A lot of folks are buying the same version and working this into their networks.