Digi Traffic Accelerator Opens Today Again

Digi Traffic Accelerator Is Open For A Short Time

I ordered this program the first time it was offered and was glad I did. This is a monthly fee program, but for a limited time you can try it now for a dollar. I have used it and see how well it works for my websites, and boy does it work!

One Dollar Trial!..Get In While You Can!…$1.00

Order Now Before They Close It!

Digi Traffic Accelerator

I have to say that when you click the link and it asks for en email address from you with no way to pay for the program, then you are to late. Andy Fletcher has limited spots on this software and he has closed signups once before, so get in while you can. You can use this software to create a storm of backlinks to your websites, imagine creating 500 posting accounts with several hundred web properties for each account. That is wild, you will do some serious link juicing with this software.

Go on Fiverr and type in Yahoo email accounts and see how cheap it is to get a lot of email accounts ready to plug in to this software and then create several hundred web posting accounts for each. We are talking a lot of backlinks for a very small price point. I use this program myself and I see inside my stats for my sites just how powerful it really is. There is nothing like the digi line of products from Andy Fletcher, and Digi Traffic Accelerator is no exception. This software is one of the top programs out there for creating backlinks with only a few minutes of your time.

Digi traffic accelerator is a desktop app that connects quickly and is very easy to use. What I like is being able to see the spintax as you type. You can change your title and comment in real time and it will display for you. The software has two windows. The editing section and the appearance section to see what your content will look like. You can even hit the spin button and watch in real time as it shows you what your comment and title will look like on the site it posts to. I really like that part, it helps me to not make mistakes in my spintax.

If I were you, I would get in as quick as possible or you will have to sit on an email list and wait for spots to open up. I am glad I got in when I did with Digi Traffic Accelerator.