The Time Is Now To Fight For Your Rights On SOPA And PIPA!

Folks, the time is now to stand up for your right of free speech. How would you like to wake up one day and see your favorite website blacked out from the overreach of the government hand? I do not want my wonderful nation to tell me that I can no longer use any website of my choosing. This is exactly what will happen if someone makes even a false complaint against a website that they are hosting illegal content or even linking to it. I want each and every one of you to go sign this Google petition and make your own voice heard. It is all important that you take a few minutes of your time to do this.

Sign The Google Anti Sopa Petition

Just keep in mind that you will have a lot of spare time in the future if the government has it’s way with our rights. You will not be able to access some sites that they shut down. I am making a wide net here of course, the point is the government could shut sites down. We do not need Congress telling us what to do. We get get enough of that already in our daily lives.

There seems to be some backlash and withdrawal of support by some in Congress. I say the vote looks close as it stands now, but we need to get this bill killed now before it sees the light of day. Many millions of people have signed the petition and have been calling emailing their elected officials. So much so that it has inundated the call centers from what I am seeing. That is good, but we must up the pressure a notch and really turn it on. Bring it home people! You know we can wage such a mess with exercising our rights of free speech that they cannot help but hear us.

Congressman Ron Paul has vowed to filibuster the bill into oblivion. You can read more here .

I do hope you will take the time to voice your opposition to this freedom killing bill. I have seen a lot of great informational posts on the subject and the internet is on fire with this one. I will give you another link here shortly that has some very good info, this is from a friend of mine who really let them have it and he even got called by the US Senator over it! I would say he has their full and complete attention now! This is what we want, and it’s to bad that we have to get so mad just to get them to actually listen to us, but we are the ones who run the show. They work for us, not the other way around, and as long as the elected officials keep this in mind, they may be able to stay another term.

Please take time to sign the petition from the link above and then go read read this next great article. I will warn you, do not be drinking anything when you land on his page, you may end up spewing your drink all over your monitor or desk…LOL.

Got Your SOPA And PIPA Hanging Between The Legs!

Keep the faith people, we can kill this bill!




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