Typhoon Hits The Philippines – Emergency Charity WSO

Folks, what we have here is yet another really bad situation in the fact that just in the past few days our friends in the Philippines was hit by a monster typhoon.

Emergency Charity WSO

“ I’m out here retrieving bodies that are starting to rise to the surface.
It’s overwhelming. We didn’t expect these many dead ”
Benito Ramos, head of the National Disaster Council

This the time of the year for a lot of us to be thinking of Christmas, not burying our family members from a disaster. I would hope if you just a few minutes of your time to please go visit and look at this offer, you will see the value in many ways, both in helping your fellow-man, and getting a lot of great internet marketing tools and training.

This WSO is all charity, %100 of the proceeds will be going to the disaster relief fund for these folks. A lot of us employ people or VA’s from this country, so any help you can give would be great. I know personally 2 people effected myself, they have had loss of either family or homes. Both can be devastating to any of us, imagine what these folks are going through right now.

Charity WSO’s are not new, the warrior forum is well-known for raising a tremendous amount of money for charitable causes. You can do your part if you are an online marketer or wanting to learn from some of the best by visiting this WSO and seeing for yourself how wonderful it is to be a member there. If you have some spare time, would you please go visit the forum and take a look? Thank you all…

3 thought on “Typhoon Hits The Philippines – Emergency Charity WSO”

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  2. Justin

    Thanks Jim so much for posting this.

    You and your readers may be interested to know that the sales of the WSO have just passed $24,000.

    1. Jim Post author

      Wow! Thanks for the update Justin, I am pleased to hear that no doubt. I am sure this will help some of those folks recoup some losses of material items for day to day living. The rebuilding of lives takes time, the healing from lost loved ones takes much longer.

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