My Wikilink Jacker Review

I was lucky enough to have received a JV copy of this wikilink jacker software ahead of time and I am glad that I found it. We have all heard and seen with our own eyes the extraordinary claims made by some one-click software producers and how it will ” save your blog” from being lost on page 140 of the search results. This wikilink jacker is an Adobe Air built program, this means that no matter in you have Windows or Mac that it will work on your system.

wikilink jacker1

wikilink jacker2

I thank Lisa Allen for allowing me to have a copy and it is one that I find easy to use, and produce results. There is no reason to lose out on high trust factor websites any longer. You can create links that the moderators will welcome on the page as it fixes broken links on any given Wiki page.

The power of this method utilizes the trust flow that Wikipedia commands. You may use this method on pretty much any of your PBN’s or private blog network sites or even your main money sites. This safe to use when you follow the directions given in the video tutorials. Videos are accessible inside the software itself for easy reference as seen below.

wikilink jacker3

Some of the main features are listed here:

  • Build AMAZING Authority Backlinks in Minutes
  • Easily leverage the power of ‘Expired Content” to create high quality Wikipedia linkable content in minutes
  • Gain trust and niche authority rapidly
  • Easily rank for dozens of long tail terms
  • Use your increased site authority to rank for more competitive keywords

Looking at how all the features worked for me without issue I am sure you will find this easy to create authority, trust flow rich back links. Used in the correct manner this will give your website a shot in the arm and it will be evergreen. Following the suggested methods of replacing broken Wiki Links with unique and informative content, the admins at Wikipedia will thank you for taking the time to provide for them a service of repairing the various Wikis. This makes you appear in good favor and it will reward you in kind.

wikilink jacker4

Managing accounts is easy inside the software. Creating campaigns is also easy and gives you a place to store all your searches that you have completed so you may return at a later date if you want to expand your back links from Wikipedia.

wikilink jacker5

Spin Rewriter is built in so you can use a respected spinning tool within this application. If you want to save time then it would be imperative that you invest in this companion tool to make your life easier.

I only ever try to talk about tools that have actual value. This one of those times. I myself have gone back to my roots of SEO and building my blog back link profile. No mass spam software like a lot of us have tried in the past. This is whitehat and the best way to gather trust flow links pointing back to your website. I have not seen anything quite like this and that is why I am excited to talk about it. I do hope you will have a look at Wikilink Jacker and tell me how it works for you. I think you will be glad you took the time to review this.

Edit* I was finally able to get the bonuses to upload and stay for all the buyers. Here is a list of what extras you get:

Bonus #1 – EZ SEO WP Plugin

This simple wordpress plugin automates the SEO work on your wordpress blog.

Bonus #2 – Make Money with Your WordPress Blogs

Want to make money from your WordPress blog? Learn dozens of ways a blog can be used for profit, including ads, memberships, PPC, and even site flipping.

Bonus #3 – Photo Traffic Power

Use the power of images and social to generate traffic to your website. Which images work best and what to do with the traffic.

Bonus #4 – Domain Cash Secrets

Learn domain flipping secrets including how to select domains, pick up aged or dropped domains, plus a complete step by step domain flipping system.

Bonus #5 – Testing & Tracking Report

What are the benefits of testing different parts of your website. What should you be testing, and how can you track results for higher profits?

Bonus #6 – Simple Social Expandable Plugin

This WordPress plugin adds social network buttons and five social sharing buttons such Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and Pinterest to your WP blog!


Log into your jvzoo account to receive the bonus programs. You should be able to see them now as this was all fixed today. The list above is in one zip file and you should be able to download them from the purchase window.