WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Will It Help Your Blog?

WP Magic Black Box Plugin – Will It Help Or Hurt You?

Anytime I see a plugin name with the word black in it, it really makes me wonder if this is a good idea or not. I had to look for myself on a recommendation from a friend. I did some basic reading on the warrior forum WSO listing, but the plugin had just launched and there was not much info there for us to see. The name of the person who was releasing it was fairly well known and trustworthy, Peter Garety. The only problem I ever have with stuff like this is what is the track record of the plugin, or are we going to get our asses in a sling with Google when we use it. With a new product launch that is the problem, you have no freaking clue whether it will help or hurt, you only have the word of the person who is selling it.

I decided to take the plunge and buy the developer version of the plugin, this price point was the same as the others and no reason to not buy the top level. The purchase went off without a hitch, I will include a screenshot of the members area for you to see how nice and simple it really is.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin

Peter is already talking about a version 2 of  this plugin. There has been some good feedback and product changes or suggestions to be made in the next release.  I wanted to give a tip here that will help when you are shopping the warrior forum, I always look at the sales page in a skimming fashion, I then go to the back page if the WSO has been on sale for a couple of days. The reasons for this is I want to know if there are any major problems with the product and if people are bitching about it on a regular basis.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin Members Area


As you can see from the screenshot, the members area is nice and simple. Easy to navigate and find what you need quickly.

This plugin is designed to work with several options. You will need best spinner, and no, they do not have spinner chief functionality as of this writing for you folks with that service. Shorten url, ping.fm, hellotxt, onlywire, and proxy support is included.

At this time they are working on precluding all askimet captured comments so they are not posted as part of your blog. The whole point of askimet was to keep the trash off your blog, not post it. They will be including this shortly.

You will need some knowledge of cron commands or at least the ability to add one in your cpanel so you can get the plugin up and rolling. You will have the ability to add a keyword to each of the posts that you have on the blog for the auto commenting functions. There is a whole page tab devoted to just this. And, depending on how many posts you have, it may take a while to set this up. All in all, this plugin has fairly easy instructions and setup for those with basic knowledge. If you have any problems, you can always send Peter a help desk ticket and he will get you sorted out. He has been really responsive in his WSO and helping people with all their questions.

WP Magic Black Box Plugin

Since I bought the developer version, I can place it on any number of blogs in my network. With the price being close to the same as the regular version, it was silly of me think about choosing anything lower in license. If you go and read, you will find out what I am saying is right along the same lines as others are writing about. A lot of folks are buying the same version and working this into their networks.