Commission Commando Has Launched

Commission Commando is just launching now…

I know from the emails and other promotions that it will be a cool program with niche software that works. I wanted to tell everybody that there is live chat support for the product, not something you see in Internet Marketing products. The support center is located at IMSC Customer Care And Support

I know it works because I am a senior support staff member for Sean. I will be in there helping out and answering tickets along with the many others who are also helping customers.

I am seeing very few issues with the software or any other problems at this time. Just make sure you have your .net framework updated to a current version. I will supply the link for you here as well so you may find it easily.

.NET Framework

The link above will get you to the base download page where you can get .net 4.0. I always try to have everything updated when I try to run any software that is brand new, it helps avoid installation issues or running the software.

There is a few upsells on the program, don’t be alarmed or put off, these are truly optional. You will get full functionality from the base purchase and you may opt in at another time to upgrade your membership level.

Commission Commando looks like it will be big hit for a lot of folks. Doing away with traditional traffic methods from search engines who like to play games, this will help you get what you deserve. I myself really dislike even the name of Panda now, so much has changed and Google really does not like you, the affiliate marketer. Well, screw them where it hurts. We don’t really need them anymore. They don’t own the internet. I will be getting more of my traffic from other sources and you should be thinking of that too. Diversify on traffic generation methods and you will be the wiser for it.


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